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Multi-disciplinary artist

Helena Doyle is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator from Ireland working across a range of mediums from installation and video to street theatre and land art. 

With sanctuary as a major theme in her work she creates immersive spaces and experiences that encourage contemplation and evoke a sense of awe in the viewer. 

She draws on sacred geometry and Zen design principles when designing the aerial sculptures she refers to as ‘soft architecture’. Rather than function to protect the body from the elements, these transient spaces relate more to spirit and reflect on impermanence. 

In her practice she works with waste, natural or found materials where possible and promotes how artists and makers can create value from the abundance of materials coming from countless waste streams. 

Helena explores mythology, folk crafts and indigenous technologies as a way to find the common threads between cultures. She believes in collective crafting as a tool for healing and community building and facilitates workshops where participants create installations together.